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National Children’s Dental Health Month: Raising Awareness

Did you know: February is National Children's Dental Health Month? February is the month to raise awareness about the significance of your oral health. With National Children's Dental Health month beginning in Cleveland in 1941 and extending to a month-long program...

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Tongue Rings Can Be Fatal: Preventing Infections

No matter how cool and trendy you think tongue rings are, these piercings are dangerous and potentially fatal. Piercing your tongue can result in chipped teeth, recessed gums and nerve damage. What some people don't know is that getting a piercing in the mouth can...

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Tooth Sensitivity: Causes and Solutions [VIDEO]

Tooth sensitivity is a nerve irritation that occurs after your enamel has worn down or if your gums are receding, exposing the surfaces of your teeth. Pain normally stems from consuming hot or cold foods and beverages that touch your teeth, bringing them in contact...

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Tooth Decay: Living in a Sugar Culture

We all know that sugary junk food isn't going to do us any favors for our waistlines, but eating lots of sugar will also rot your teeth and lead to tooth decay. At Highgate Medical Dental in Burnaby, BC we will ensure your teeth feel healthy and can give you...

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X-rays: A Necessity For Your Oral Health

X-rays are essential to a person's oral health, and at Highgate Medical Dental Clinic in Burnaby, we want to ensure that people are getting regular X-rays for their teeth. So what is the big deal about getting X-rays? X-ray exams reveal the state of your teeth, and...

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Executive Esthetic Dentistry: Finding Your Perfect Smile

These days, CEOs aren't fretting over their fine lines, but are more interested in the state of their smile. Executive Esthetic Dentistry is cosmetic dentistry for executives at a high-level, but differs from what a model or actor would pursue when it comes to their...

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Fast Food Puts Teens on the Fast Track to Cavities

With teenagers eating an increased amount of fast food and carbonated beverages to keep up with their busy lifestyle, family dental clinics are witnessing a generation inflicting serious damage to their oral and overall health. A poor diet that consists of sugary...

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All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

Can you remember back to a time when you had a very simple request for Santa Claus? Please Santa, I’ll go without the toys on my list if you please, please give me my two front teeth this year? The holidays are a great time to get together with family and soak up all...

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